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Planetary reducer with hydraulic brake system

Test result
  • Test method : Done each test like below pictures.

[그림1. 조선선박용 감속기 성능시험 장면]

[Picture 1 : Performance test of planetary gear reducer with oil brake system]

Test condition
Product Item Target Notes
Reducer for
Opening pressure of oil brake 40±5(bar) Horizontal length of
jig to work on rotary
system: 0.8m
Leakage 0(cc)
Max. pressure of oil brake 300over(bar)
Torque of oil brake 650over(N.m)
Max. torque 60,000over(N.m)

※ Done test with full stroke in actuator.

Test Equipment Specification.
1. 244.22 Actuator(MTS)
- Max static stroke : ±125mm
- Max Dynamic stroke : ±100mm
- Total force : 10.0ton
- Hydraulic Power Supply : 380/220 LPM, 3000psi
2. GT Controller
- Customized tests
- Automated test
- Data acquisition
- Multi-station tests
Opening pressure of hydraulic pressure

Leakage & max. pressure of hydraulic brake

Torque of hydraulic brake
Max. torque